Synaesthesia by Ann Decker

image by @AmyShelton

No  Sorts                        Colours
29. those that belong to the angels sunflower yellow
30. preserved ones exhibition grey
31. those who rise early day-glow white
32. bunnies and babies innocent white
33. seahorses  rainbow hues
34. chosen ones fluorescent green
35. beggars London smog grey
36. those that defy categorisation opaque
37. those who are ill and suffering terribly  Rothko black
38. the swarming hive busy bronze
39. those pulled tight with silken threads opalescent white
40. miscellaneous middling grey
41. those that stumble on cobble streets stone grey
42. those that look like bees to the angels busy bronze tinged with sunflower yellow

(poem label)

Category: Lists
Sub-Category: A Cross-Pollination of Lists
Primary Source: Making Nature: How we see Animals, Wellcome Collection, 1 December 2016 – 21 May 2017
Sorts (after the essay The Analytical Language of John Wilkins, Jorge Luis Borges, 1952)

Colours (after Nomenclature of Colour, Abraham Werner, 1821)

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