The Fava Method™ by William Davidson

A twenty week parenting programme, modifiable for use with children of any age.

Week 0

Plant broad bean seeds, with your child, in your garden or window box.

Discussion topics: hope; expectation; intimidation.

Week 1

Talk about the root growing downwards.

Discussion topics: home; extradition; fraud.

Week 2

Talk about the shoot growing upwards.

Discussion topics: school; duress; forfeiture.

Week 6

Talk about the leaves; the need for sunlight, air and water.

Discussion topics: survival; dependency; addiction.

Week 10

Talk about the flower buds.

Discussion topics: puberty; defamation; malice.

Week 12

Talk about the flowers; the bee sipping the nectar; the pollen dusting the bee; the bee carrying the pollen to another flower; the seeds forming in the flower.

Discussion topics: work; interdependency; perjury.

Week 14

Talk about the seed and the pollen; the new bean; the dying flower.

Discussion topics: sex; death; culpability.

Week 20

Pick the bean pods.

Discussion topics: consequences; metamemory; guilt.

Pluck the beans from the pods. Shell the beans with your child. Shelling the beans allows difficult conversations to unfold without eye contact. Some people advocate driving in a car for such conversations. The Fava Method™ is the environmentally friendly option.

Purchase The Fava Method™ Cookbook for recipes high in protein, fibre and B vitamins for energy and cognitive function, to build a resilient and creative child.

The Fava Method™

We know our beans.

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