Wildflower Workshop & Bee Hotel

At the Wildflower Workshop students, staff, members of the local community and the YSJ gardeners got together to plant wildflowers behind the Cordukes building. With the help of Urban Buzz, we planted the following:
500 English Bluebell in the green
500 Snowdrop Galanthus nivalis in the green
50 plugs Woodland Wildflower Collection
25 plugs Foxglove
10 pots Garlic Mustard
10 pots Wood Avens
10 pots Primrose
10 pots Red Campion
10 pots Wood Sage
10 pots Hedge Woundwort
10 pots Nettle-leaved Bellflower
100g Woodland Wildflower Seeds

After that, we responded creatively in writing and art to the experience of being in the space and working with the plants.

Jack Laycock, a second year student from Fine Art designed and made a stunning bee hotel, modeled on the bluebell flower shape, to go into the space and attract the bees. Writing and art inspired by the day is exhibited on this blog. If you want to respond to any of the work here, please contact us and join in the ‘pollination’ effect.

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