hexago by Nasser Hussain


garden window topics topics school duress

leaves flower malice nectar pollen flower

flower topics pollen flower topics topics

allows unfold people method option method

energy method breeze gently murmur garlic

rooted beckon yellow nectar repeat moment


shapes warmth nation buzzes utmost called

poorly pocket beyond return pollen waggle

monkey monkey animal choice echoes lining

writhe making beasts roller canary taught

mirror needle yellow saving miners shouts

mighty stones twelve thirty static pinned

centre London stands things smooth puzzle


traits borage scrape around liners orange

street church golden around Europe fleets

across Biscay bounce bounce crusts houses

borage nature little winter common quaint

brains afraid lurked emerge safety tongue

things autumn rivers humans anyone wished


cheery played stayed waking second sticky

legged people they’re hoping today’s change

frozen school either phlegm middle cancer

course losing sounds doctor nerves frozen

mother sobbed father always things better

reason school wooden sparks singed squeal


tarmac etched moment winter across street

second breath fought fought asthma social

mutant fought around social trying wanted

foster growth wonder wonder swarms months

regret wanted enough haired dollar they’ll

father letter hearts Briton matter gender


afraid static either theirs nature barren

smooth halted forget inside single frozen

simply finger window clouds enough forget

bubble stayed living heroes others garden

things before moving people enough before

lights coming closes drawer smooth sounds


enters jacket zipped jacket rhythm doesn’t

across covers button screen across action

floods bubble colour across lining bottom

window portal thread across trying slides

jumper tights window screen reader screen

colour choose purple should ignore leaves


slides friend jumped there’s saying tigers

should inside should fishes should harlem

jumped across fields dunelm people walked

turned houses garden grazed option strips

carpet dining walked bought social across

stairs caught itself length mirror mirror


permit supply should living seemed phoned

behalf having advice there’s phoned bought

walked helped itself raised police leaned

police people owners winter eating owners

winter bucket rhythm wiring smooth spiral

potent beings behind stolen behind voices


nectar throat feebly

escape throws legged

chance garden double

bigger poured double

corner plants people

should should listen


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