Call for Submissions:

The Pollination Project

The York St John Pollination Project is a funded, multi-disciplinary project that aims to ‘pollinate’ creative writing, visual art, music and critical writing whilst raising the awareness of the importance of bees and other pollinators to our Eco-system. The images and writings that appear on these pages have been inspired by student trips to the Wellcome Trust and The Hive at Kew; a Pollination Symposium and Wildflower Workshop.

The project has so far brought together students, artists, sculptors, entomologists, conservationists, writers and gardeners, and aims to continue to make these inspirational links in the future. We want to ‘pollinate’ far and wide.

Submission with a slight difference. If you’d like  your work to be published on this website please visit:

Then browse the ‘pollen bank’ of creative work that is already there. Choose something to respond to and upload your response to the ‘Contact’ section. Your response can be in any form, and does not need to be about bees directly.

This will potentially appear on the site to ‘pollinate’ others. Spread the word.

Please upload as Word, JPeg or MPeg files


Image @AmyShelton

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